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Stadionbolagets representanter.

Letter of intent maps bright future for new arena

Jeppis Stadion will be built by private investors, but when it comes to partners, none are as important as the city of Jakobstad. 23.06.2020

It was at a meeting of the executive committee for the city of Jakobstad on the 22th of June, that an unanimous decision was taken to agree upon a letter of intent between the city and Oy Jeppis Stadion Ab.

– We had a very good meeting at the beginning of June, where we presented our plans to the politicians. We answered their questions and planned ahead together. We truly feel that an open and honest dialogue is the only way to progress with this project, said Kenneth Mörk, who spoke for the company at the meeting.

Jeppis Stadion Oy were represented by Mörk, Mikael Eklund and Thomas Käldstöm. Also present where technical director Börje Eriksson and head of communications, Antti Koivukangas.

The letter of intent was a first vital step on the road to erecting an all-seater footballground with a capacity to house 3 000 spectators in the city, that will be celebrating its 370th birthday the same year, 2022, that the grand opening of Jeppis Stadion will hopefully take place.